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Sample #20

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that 8% of the United States’ adult population has a mental health disorder. If you look at half of those people, they also live with a co-occurring substance use disorder (SUD) or addictive behavior.

Only 16% of those 4 million individuals have sought treatment. On the one hand, you might say that any help is better for a person than going without help. Still, on the other hand, if each of the illnesses included i…

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Sample #19

Depending on who gets asked, some people say methamphetamine has no odor. While others claim the powerful stimulant drug has a subtle chemical smell suggestive of acetone or ammonia. The scent of crystal meth varies, but some people compare the odor to burning plastic, roses, or sulfur. This article will discuss meth, meth labs, and what is identifiable about both.

What Is Crystal Meth?
Crystal methamphetamine is a potent stimulant that people smoke, snort, inject, or swallow. The drug can cause an array of symptoms, such as insomnia, aggression, and agitation, among others.

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Sample #18

There’s a segment of people within our population who misuse drugs and alcohol but skillfully keep their usage covertly tucked away in the shadows. They have a seemingly successful public life with an excellent job, lovely home, sweet family, and pleasant social affairs. They are high-functioning substance users.

They are among the hardest group of people having issues with drug and alcohol consumption to get help. You could be related to one of these people or work with them every day and not know about their vices.

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Sample #17

B2B Sales Leads are qualified leads that sales people can reach out and sell to. Being able to generate high-quality leads that will convert into clients is difficult. But, if done correctly, it will help your business beat the competition and grow significantly.

Quality is one of the most important criteria. If you simply increase the volume, but do not qualify these leads, then you will only end up spinning your wheels more. However, if you can increase your volume of leads by 20% without decreasing your quality then your business makes 20% more income.

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Sample #16

While coronavirus bedevils humans around the world this year, dog owners have been quietly dealing with a deadly canine contagion for decades.
Parvovirus, first identified in the 1970s, is both highly contagious and difficult to contain. Dogs initially died at alarming rates. The virus spread quickly, and did not discriminate by age, breed or sex.
Despite decades of knowledge of the disease, outbreaks continue to occur with deadly consequences.
However, those outbreaks have become less common…

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Sample #15

What is it that could be preventing countless people from being the best version of themselves and enjoying life? Considering how wellness is holistic, a shift or decline in any one of its eight dimensions — physical, emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental, financial, spiritual, and social — could prevent a person from achieving it. Nevertheless, self-care and how people treat themselves contribute a great deal to the quality of life attained within the overlapping domains of we…

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Sample #14

What is emotional intelligence?
Emotion psychology defines emotional intelligence as recognizing and understanding your emotions and those of others. By using emotional understanding, you can make decisions, solve problems and communicate more effectively. There are four levels of EQ, which include:
Perception of emotions
Reasoning with emotions
Understanding emotions
Management of emotions
People used to consider intelligence and emotions as opposites. However, the interlocking of the two ha…

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Sample #13

According to Pew Research Center, more than 30% of Americans reported in a recent poll having elevated psychological distress in response to COVID-19 and the enforced extensiveness of social distancing. Hard up financial circumstances have also been the cause of many people’s mental health decline this year. In light of debilitating emotional symptoms, the coronavirus has diagnostically made clinical depression the “new normal” for much of the country. Nevertheless, for many people, psychothe…

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Sample #12

The best state to start a business is one where conditions are conducive for the inception of a new business with office space available at affordable rates, cash accessibility, and human capital. Before starting a business venture, knowing the circumstances that are present, like the potential pool of work-ready employees, the tax-friendliness of the region, and having preparedness for conditions that could occur during the company’s operation is vital.

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Sample #11

Declaring bankruptcy is not a resolution approached casually. Disadvantages exist for filing as do benefits. Not only is a person’s credit future put in jeopardy, but likewise it affects his or her self-image and reputation. Although chapter 7 bankruptcy is a fresh start, many people do not know all of what it entails.

Eligibility “Means” Passing the Test

For a person or business entity to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, income must pass a “means test.” The assessment determines whether earnings are under the state-specific median level for liquidation by examining financial records, including any money awarded, expenses, and loans.