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Sample #12

The best state to start a business is one where conditions are conducive for the inception of a new business with office space available at affordable rates, cash accessibility, and human capital. Before starting a business venture, knowing the circumstances that are present, like the potential pool of work-ready employees, the tax-friendliness of the region, and having preparedness for conditions that could occur during the company’s operation is vital.

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Sample #11

Declaring bankruptcy is not a resolution approached casually. Disadvantages exist for filing as do benefits. Not only is a person’s credit future put in jeopardy, but likewise it affects his or her self-image and reputation. Although chapter 7 bankruptcy is a fresh start, many people do not know all of what it entails.

Eligibility “Means” Passing the Test

For a person or business entity to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, income must pass a “means test.” The assessment determines whether earnings are under the state-specific median level for liquidation by examining financial records, including any money awarded, expenses, and loans.