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Sample #10

You can lose weight in different ways. However, after a downhearted look at yourself in the mirror, followed by a hesitant scale reading, do you vow to change or bow your head in shame? Have you gotten caught up in the diet craze and magical fad diet claims?
“Rapid” loss does not mean the same as a “healthy” loss. Primarily, the crux of any eating plan, diet or weight-loss program comes down to retiring a sedentary lifestyle and adopting a more active one, which should get complemented with h…

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Sample #9

The No. 1 killer in the nation is heart disease. Coming onto the list at No. 5 is a stroke. Both of these cardiovascular illnesses are preventable with regular exercise. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day for five days out of the week, as a reasonable and healthy preventive measure to make one’s overall cardiovascular wellness better.

To put it in perspective for those that find it hard to get motivated about exercise – it calculates to devoting on…