How to Hire a Content Writer?

Online presence for your business or organization is nothing without excellent content that represents your brand well. You probably have discovered that it takes dedication and a substantial availability of time to compose all the content you need regularly. With those requisites alone, you have more than adequate justification for deciding to outsource for your content needs. There are thousands of freelance writers in the market who are all competing for the same opportunities and waiting to get chosen for a project like yours. 

How Do You Hire a Content Writer?

How do you recruit a writer from the vast marketplace? What should you look for when reviewing applicants to your job posting? If only it were as simple as telling somebody what you want and voilà, it’s done in time to meet your deadline. 

Some platforms make it easy and convenient to find writers to bid on your particular job or voluntarily commit to completing it for you based on the details you outline in what’s called a “brief.” In your brief, you provide details about what you need, including word count, format, style, purpose, and so forth.

Depending on the layout of the platform, you can also use the brief to list references the writer could use like links to websites with similar content or information about a topic or product, and you could upload documents with additional instructions or more reference material. Then, the writer, also known as a “creative,” writes the article, advertorial, promotional copy, blog post, etc. You pay the creative for the finished work and you’re on your way.

Essentially, that’s how you would want it to go—nice, smoothe, and satisfactory. Unfortunately, the procurement of content from the writer marketplace through some content platforms do not yield a positive user experience or satiating results. Here are several reasons why that could happen:

  • Not every writer has a working knowledge and functional comprehension of SEO copywriting and content marketing.
  • The writer community has many imposters, amateurs, and down right horrible writers.
  • Not all writers can meet deadlines or effectively communicate with clients.
  • Finding a creative who can provide the desired style with the tone you need can be a challenge and most times disappointing. 

Are Author Marketplaces Sufficient?

It takes time finding a qualified writer, especially when you post your job in marketplaces with a quantum of writers all thirsty for a 500-word article or two. Each one of them possessing something different from the creative before them who stalk the job boards and hop on job feeds to exhaustion, waiting for the next opportunity. 

If you’ve attempted to survey an online marketplace for creatives before then, you know already that within milliseconds of hitting the button to post your job, portfolio links and resumes bombard your Inbox. That’s what you can expect when the work-to-writer ratio is disproportionate? 

Valuable Solution for Content Writing

When you come to a platform like Content Done Write, not only are you free from a zoo of applicants but you get what you need promptly—just the way you want. Some content platforms leave your job sitting on a job board for days or weeks before assigning a writer or before a writer sees it as available and agrees to write it. 

At CDW, your order gets assigned immediately to an expert writer who, if needed, can deliver completed quality content in as little as four hours. There’s nothing ineffectual when using multiple platforms to find writers but when all is said and done, you need ones who can meet all your content needs. If you invest time and money looking for a writer, make sure you are getting the best for your business or organization. 

There are two elemental things to keep in mind when scouting for candidates:  

  • Don’t sacrifice quality for cheap rates. If you want excellent content, then don’t get suckered into sites that offer content creation for less than you would pay for a slice of pizza. Remember the content you are purchasing will have your brand’s name on it. You get what you pay for, and expectations shouldn’t be above your knees for content that doesn’t bill you an amount suitable for the top tier quality you are receiving.
  • Be specific about what you want. The less you leave open to interpretation the better your chances of getting back exactly what you want. When looking for a writer, let prospective candidates know what you need in as a descriptive way as possible. Everyone has an imagination and a characteristic of imagination is the detail. Do your best to outline what it is you are looking for precisely, and without a doubt, you’ll get exactly the piece of content you requested.

CDW Is a Viable Choice for Content 

When you outsource to a content writing service, you trust that another person can produce content with brand worthiness effectively. You want this writer to speak in your firm’s voice and use your company’s vernacular. You want quality content that captivates, engages, and informs. 

At Content Done Write, we guarantee satisfaction because we follow your instructions implicitly and will rewrite, edit, and revise as needed to ensure you get the right content for your needs. 

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