About CDW

Welcome to Content Done Write!

CDW started out as an ambitious endeavor of a single man hoping to supplement his fixed welfare income while living in the shelters of New York City. Disabled, with just my laptop and a dream, I sought to take my frail freelancing hobby towards bigger and better opportunities than the ones I’d been given. For a few years, desperation demoralized my efforts. Predators appreciated my naivety but undervalued my words, until they were worth less than a cashed-in recyclable water bottle.

What Is a Logophile?

There are many platforms online selling content but this space was formed for the emphatic and unequivocal love of words. I’m a logophile and proudly embrace this infatuation to assemble sentences architecturally, so they have quality, substance, and authenticity.

Every piece of content produced here at CDW is done from a foundation in the effective communication of thoughts, intentions, and sentiment through the use of the written word for whoever requests it.

Content With Care

Charles Dickens wrote, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” CDW aims to relieve anyone who has the “burden” of providing content for someone, be it an employer or teacher, or something, like a website or brochure. By providing engaging content we fulfill that need.

I created CDW to help others. We create content because we understand that sometimes people can’t find the right words to promote their business, educate, sell, or otherwise convey a message. We care and we do it right.

By Experts Only

Many writing services use writers that are just trying to make a buck. They don’t write because it’s their passion. Anybody can write.

However, everybody is not professional writers who have an academic background, specialized training and certifications, and tenured experience, who love writing and helping others with their writing. That’s what sets CDW apart from the rest.

Thank you for visiting the site. Be sure to get your Content Done Write.

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